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Light of Hope for Indonesia

Light of Hope for Indonesia

© 2005, Providence, RI

a) 150h x 100w cm. Price: $700

b) 100h x 66.5w cm. Price: $500

In 2005 the Indonesian graphic design organization FDGI invited Tom to contribute to their international exhibition of posters for the “Light of Hope for Indonesia” held in conjunction with the FGD Expo 2005 at the Jakarta Convention Center, 7-11 September 2005. The objective was to send a message of hope to the people of Indonesia, accented by the 2004 Tsunami event and the incessant catastrophes the people of Indonesia have had to endure. Each poster is signed by the author/designer. Printed on demand digitally there is no edition. The proportional scale is 6h x 4w, with these two sizes recommended: 150h x100w cm; or 100h x 66.5 cm.